Healthy, glowing skin for your Wedding Day is a must!  But why stop there?  We want beautiful, healthy, skin everyday, right?  So, how do we get it??

We all know good diet and exercise can help achieve healthy, glowing skin.  We also know,  Life happens; we skip the gym and we have the occasional fast food run.  So, what can we do to achieve a beautiful, healthy, glow not just for our wedding day but everyday?


Things we know:

Drink lots of water-   Our bodies need hydration to avoid dry cracked skin and the water helps   detoxify our bodies

Eat the right foods (what are the right foods?  See below for a list)

Exercise daily-     Working up a sweat will help the body remove any clogs in your pores.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol-   Smoking dries the skin, increases wrinkles and aids in premature aging. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and may reduce skin color.

 Things We May Not Know:

 What are the Right Foods…?

Fish such as tuna and mackerel contain fatty acids that produces soft hydrated skin

Raw Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, kale, tomatoes are high in Vitamin A

Nuts, almonds, help skin tone, high in Vitamin E

Flax seed contains omega-three fatty acids

Spinach and leafy green vegetables offer vitamins and minerals

Fruits to enhance vitamins A C and E

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – incorporate into your cooking to get antioxidants

CAUTION: avoid using excessive amounts of refined white flour and sugar, they       increase wrinkles and speed up the aging process.  (Soda and candy)

SLEEP – maintain 8 hours of sleep daily, this will enable the body to detoxify itself

Take in some Vitamin D- catch some morning sun, noon sun can be harmful to the skin

Avoid using soaps or gels to cleanse the face regularly and limit the amount of make-up applied to skin

Cleanse your skin naturally:

Lime juice and warm water to cleanse the face at night

To remove skin blemishes on the body and face use apple, orange, watermelon, carrot and tomato juice

Create a yogurt paste out of lentil and yogurt, apply to face and leave on for 30 minutes

Cucumbers blended and applied to the skin decreases pimples and wrinkles creating soft supple skin

Destress daily– stress build can be harmful to your body inside and out

Facial Exercises throughout the day– creates better circulation and improves elasticity in the skin.  Ex.  Open eyes wide and keep mouth closed then reverse, close eyes and open mouth wide.

And most Importantly

Be Happy and Laugh- Laughter is the best medicine

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