June 1, 2012
June 1, 2012

What to ask your wedding caterer.  Ensure stress-free planning with good communication between you and your caterer.

1.  Will the banquet coordinator be there on my wedding day?

  •  Request your coordinator be there to see your wedding through.

The Castle Yacht Club:  From your first tour till your last dance; our banquet coordinators will be there every step of the way.

2.  How does the caterer handle final count, last-minute RSVPs or no shows?

  •   Does the caterer have a set date for final count?

The Castle Yacht Club: Your final count is due only 5 days prior to your event. Allowing plenty of time for last-minute invites or regrets.

3.  What is included in the price per person?

  • Ask if certain things are included in price; taxes, linens, gratuity

The Castle Yacht Club:  Price includes signature dishes; Chateaubriand, Stuffed flounder and over 20 passed Hors d’oeuvres.  Along with choice of linens, centerpieces, wedding cake and international coffee and espresso bar.

4.  How many servers will my guests have per table?

  • You may always ask for more staff but remember it may increase the cost per person.  The general code is one server per two tables.

The Caste Yacht Club:  Two servers for every three tables, plus wine stewards, greeters and captains.

5.  Does the staff wear a uniform?

  • The servers are in uniform in most venues.

The Castle Yacht Club:  The staff wears a uniform and has on occasion dressed according to the theme if requested by the bride.

6.  Can we tour the kitchen?

  • The kitchen is the place to look if you want to see the true cleanliness of the venue.

The Castle Yacht Club:  Just ask during you tour

7.  What is done with the left over food?

  • The leftover food must be handled according to the Health Department regulations.  Food is not permitted off the premises.

The Castle Yacht Club:  Abides by the Burlington County Health Department Regulations.

Tell us what you are thinking?  Have any advice that may help another Bride? Let us know.

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