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March 28, 2014
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       This is one of the most dreaded topics of wedding planning…the budget. It is also an important topic when beginning to shop for venues and vendors. Finding your dream venue and perfect DJ is great but lets be honest, the price can be a make or break. So before you start planning too far and fall in love with an idea that’s just too expensive, you better know what your budget is.  How do you know where to start? How much is enough? Who is helping out? If you’re not aware of what you’re spending, it can easily add up quickly.

Your wedding day should be a beautiful and amazing day, but not at the cost of putting stress on your new marriage. It is still possible to create the vision for your beautiful wedding on whatever your budget may be; you might just have to skip having Swarovski crystals all over the place.

After you’ve figured out how much your relatives are chipping in and how much you and your fiance can comfortably afford, these percentages below will help you figure out how much you have to spend for each part of your wedding.


Reception 45-50%

Includes venue, catering, chairs, tables, linens, cake, service fees, taxes

*Clarks Landing Yacht Club includes your venue, on-site catering, chairs, tables, linens, napkins, wedding cake, AND centerpieces!

Attire 8-10%

Including brides grown, grooms tux, accessories, make-up, veil, shoes, and jewelry

Flowers/Décor 8-10%

Including bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and extra décor for ceremony & reception

Music/Entertainment 8-10%

Including DJ and/or live band

Photography/ Videography 10-12%

Including engagement shoot, & photo booth

Ceremony 2-3%

Including site fee, chairs, ring pillow, aisle runner, and officiate.

  *We offer a beautiful white pergola both garden side and water side for your ceremony space. And yes–we do include chairs!

Stationary 2%

Including invitations, place cards, save-the-date, and guestbook

Wedding Rings 2%

Transportation 1-2%

Gifts 2-3%

Wedding planner 10-15%

*We offer an Event Specialist to help you with all your Reception and Ceremony needs from the moment you book with us to the day of your event! We also provide a Maître ‘D the day of your wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly!

The honeymoon is usually not included in wedding budgeting but if you’re paying for it yourselves, it’s important not to forget about this expense as it’s what most couples look forward to after all this stressful time planning…a time to RELAX! The average amount spent on a honeymoon is $5,000 per couple depending on where and when.


A few money-saving tips:

-When the wedding planning begins, open up a new credit card, or dedicate an existing one to wedding items only.  This way you have an easy way to track your purchases.

-Find a venue that offers more than just the event space; like Clarks Landing Yacht Club! 🙂

-Make of a list of you and your fiancés actual must-haves and a list of wants. Budget in your must-haves and add in some wants according to what you have left.

-If you’re saving up for the wedding, find the best way to get the most interest on your savings via bank CD or through a money market.

-Consider the season/day of your event. The peak months for weddings are normally May, June, September, and October. If you’re trying to save some money, consider off-peak months! On the same note, Saturdays tend to be the more expensive day, so why not go for a Friday or Sunday wedding; which usually are more inexpensive.

-Forget a full bar.  You could save a bunch of money by only serving beer, wine, and a signature drink of your choice.

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