“I Wonder Who We’re Sitting with?” …Seating Charts 101

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April 11, 2016
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August 26, 2016

Congratulations! You did it!

After months and months of planning, your big day is finally here!!
You have been meticulous over every detail, and today it all pays off.
From you ‘save the date’ cards, to the invitations, the venue, the flowers, the dress, and the all important seating chart…
You did provide your venue with the seating chart, right? Surely you weren’t going to risk sitting your second cousin near your great aunt – after all, they haven’t spoke in years, and your wedding day is hardly a candidate for the sacrificial ice breaker. Similarly, being mindful of blatant opposite personalities is helpful in your seating plans. For some, the task of mapping out where each guest sits may seem tedious; however, it is an invaluable step in a well thought out reception. While there will be no shortage of well intended input, this may be the time to look into the numerous free programs available to assist you with the logistics.
Start with the obvious. Then, using your knowledge of your guests, as well as some good old fashion common sense, you will soon see tables full of smiling faces, genuine laughter and warm toasts. Perfect!
Now that you’ve gone through the hard work of preparing the perfect seating chart, you might consider providing your guests with a well appointed display of the final arrangement. This visual confirmation of your guests seating can help eliminate confusion prior to their entering the reception, as well as add another personal touch to the venue. You can find ideas for Seating Chart Displays on sites like Pinterest, and we’ve added a few of our recent faves below, or consult with your contact person at your venue for suggestions.
Happy Wedding Day!!!chalk



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