Tradition Passe' or Here to Stay?

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June 22, 2016

Guest Books 101

Undoubtedly, you have flipped through hundreds of Bridal catalogs and you have seen all of the wedding day accessories, from the Traditional…to the Avant Garde. Today, more and more brides are hoping to make their special day even more so, by tapping into their personal style. A great deal of thought and energy has gone into your planning. Perhaps you are mixing a bit of the new with the old? Savoring some of the long standing traditions, while enhancing the not-so-special aspects with something creative? So what does this say about your Guest Book? How can a wedding day staple, steeped in such tradition, make its move from the dusty upper shelves of your bookcase, to a statement piece to be showcased for years to come? Let me count the ways!

From quilts, to picnic benches, guitars, and poster sized photos of the newlywed couple; guests are being asked to sign anything. Some alternative options to signing a guest book include the photo booth scrap book, where guests not only sign their names, but also leave you a fun (or just plain funny) photo of them from the evening. The more elaborate version of this trend is the iPad video guest book.

There are a myriad of unique, and guest interactive alternatives to the standard guest book. Not only will you have the names of who was there to share your special day, but you will also have a one of a kind piece of memorabilia that will become a permanent fixture in your lives forever. Popular sites like Pinterest and Etsy have hundreds of DIY Kits to choose from, and we’ve posted a few of our current favorite options below.

Yes, more decisions to make! However, once you’ve decided on the perfect idea for your perfect day, the rest is cake. Oh, yes…cake!! No worries, that’s another topic for another day.

Hints: Opt for colors that match your décor preference, and choose 3 or 4 shades to add depth to the final piece. Be sure to provide quality fine tip pens for your guests to sign their names, as well as a pack of wet hand wipes for guests to clean their inky fingers off.

Hints: Take your Mr. or Mrs. ‘to-be’ and hunt for rocks together! A great way for both of you to be involved, and it makes for a fun day at the beach. Paint them with acrylic paint first if you want to keep with your color scheme, or leave them as is, and enjoy the natural beauty.


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