Valentines Day Proposals Dos and Don'ts

Valentine's Day
February 12, 2014
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February 23, 2014

Roses, hearts, flowers, love notes, cupid…You guessed it, Its Valentine’s Day!

If you are planning a Valentine’s Day proposal, or sometime soon, here are some dos and don’ts to help you plan your day.

– Surprise her! She might be hinting, but don’t give her a reason to guess. The best told story is one that they never saw coming
– Personalize the moment. Sure, romantic movies give guys loads of ideas for proposals but chances are, your sweetheart has seen a lot of them. Use bits and pieces from others but make sure yours has something unique about it.
– Relive a first date or a special moment. Take her to the spot where you first said ‘I Love You’, the place where you two met, or go to that cute coffee café you two had your first date.
– Keep some classic elements in your proposal. Whether it’s giving her a dozen roses (108 Roses are the amount that experts say means Marry Me), or have a special song playing in the background.
– Consider documenting the proposal. You can hire photographers or videographers to hide near your proposal spot and capture the moment.

– Don’t hide the ring in food. It should explain itself. Among a lot of things that could go wrong, you don’t want your future fiancé to swallow something worth a couple thousand dollars
– Don’t be afraid to be emotional. Your loved one wants to see you pure your heart out in the moment, so don’t hold back.
– Don’t propose in a drastic way. By drastic I mean faking your own death, faking injury, or anything similar. Make it pleasant, not scary.
– Don’t propose unless you’re absolutely confident. A lot of pressure can be put on you to propose on this holiday from your women, family, friends, or media but only you and your sweetheart combined know when the perfect time is.

But above all, personalize it and make it one BOTH of you will remember.

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  1. Angela Clute says:

    wow Nicole and Don you and your staff have done it again you have made another spe tacular memory for pete and i we truly enjoyed the king n queen ball keep doing what you both do so well i hope to see you next valentines day