June 1, 2012
June 1, 2012

Home Baked Love

Our first date was in the basement of my dorm, and we made brownies. Oh and I taught him how to salsa.

Mind you, this was three years ago! Since then we had been through a lot, including 2 months over-seas separation due to work.

We had taken a cruise in May, and I thought he would propose then. But…no. Nada. I just thought he would wait until our anniversary. Very blah.

I was wrong.

It was a hot night in June–the kind of night that makes Kansas famous. It was sticky, and the apartment A.C. wasn’t quite working. I had just moved into my own apartment, but I was staying the weekend with my boyfriend to spend time with him.

We had just finished some random TV show, it was 9:00 at night, and all of a sudden he said that wanted brownies. We had made brownies several times before, so I thought that he just wanted brownies…

In the brownie box there was a ring. When I open it, he was down on one knee and asking me to marry him and continue on dancing in his heart (corny, but…).

Apparently he had been saving for the ring for a year and had even asked my parents for permission.

I was in shock for about a week. :) Now at the wedding we are giving away bite-sized brownie bites to everyone as a thank-you gift.

While it may not be romantic to many, it was perfect for our relationship


Our Love Story begin on June 21′st 2008 thru an Aol chatroom actually… John popped on & said “Hello”. Given his screen name I laughed thought oh no he is a worshipper wait to he finds I have 2 sons as a single mom. Also both of my sons having Autism.Bottom line it was his last name haha.
Our first meet was at Delanco Motor Vehicles. He was to inspect my mom’s car. When I pulled in all eyes were upon me & I felt like crawling under the seat. His friend Sam was like, ‘Wow you sure came a long way to get your car inspected, may you know someone here’. I just smiled & said, ” I believe I am here to see John” & of course I blushed.

After 2 years of dating he proposed to me at Cafe Vienese in Cherry Hill during Dessert.. Although I wouldn’t let him get down on his knee cuz I couldn’t stop giggling..
We are set to have our wedding at The Yacht Club Caterers on June 21, 2013, exactly 5yrs of our Anniversary.. I am so excited to become Mrs. Lord

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